Monday 26th January 2018

by Siddharth Soni

Just when I revisited the village I was born in. I was uncompromisingly evoked into writing ‘My New Childhood.’ This creation is one among the newest I have written and luckily had recieved unexpected yet brilliant testimonials. It is not a very austere predicament to have realised the significance of the tiniest of pleasures in your life. But It is really important to cherish it. Once you forget those and put into the dreary mannerism of work. Your life is inviting something, which becomes inevitable- Solitude. Read the poem and direct your feedbacks

Amid the dusty streets, between where the pebbles seem to float,
I once saw a child ringing on his tricycle,
Amid the viridian sky, where the beauty of the earth commence,
I once saw the purple birds flying so brave,
Over those lifeless garden lands, where the frenzied wild grass now rules,
I once saw a boy searching for his cricket ball,
Inside the sooty iron fence, where the old bronze horse is standing for so long,
I once saw someone trying to climb it,

On those rough-hewn wooden benches, where only the dead leaves now fall,
I once saw the glistening tears of a boy searching for his mother,
Among the laterally placed rocks, where the sunshine is now ashamed to strike,
I once saw a couple kissing each other,
Into this hollow bark of tree, through which the breeze denies to blow,
I once saw a slum-child looking at the distant lit windows,
Over the sandy path which leads to the village wine shop,
I once saw a drunkard singing at the midnight,

Under the huge dome of this temple, where my sound no longer echoes,
I once saw a bald bulb dangling inside a saucer,
Over the distant rock of the hill, where the nature now refutes to send its creatures,
I once saw a flock of humping sheep and shepherds,
Inside this old unmoving shelter, where the life has failed to withstand,
I once saw the clotted mouth of a bottle of ink,
Under the shadow of this fickle waffle roof, where my grandfather died unheard,
I once saw myself sitting on his lap…

Siddharth Soni

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  1. siddharth says:

    Just started using wordpress and I have embedded it into my own website… Your comments will keep it alive. New to the Crew illustrates paranormal occurences in universe…


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