Monday 26th January 2018

by Siddharth Soni

Crunching into the smallest size possible inside my room, I was waiting, perhaps hypothetically to be answered. It was a small, 160 page element of fear that was  kept near my bedside lamp. Though unmovable, not harmful, non-toxic, it has generated an aura of vulnearability around itself. Written with that petitle, which deceptively cover the bearely noticeable good parts of the cover-page was letters, stroked with white- ‘Chemistry‘ and then followed by fairly small letters -’A textbook for Class XI.’ My mind, seemingly ran into nightmares whenever I behold at that book. Reason was just the simplest of reasons, that could be possible for a XI class scholar, dying to pass – ‘Following day is my Chemistry Exam, and I would hardly pass’

Hopefully, out of the eight huge chapters, I have managed to grasp the small six. The other two seems unwilling to be stuffed with my brain. Should I call myself a scholar, Order ya to travel eleven months back in time. Not was just that evening fear of crunching, shifting away from the chemistry book. The day started too badly for me. The most upsetting a sun can rise, or the most sad song a cuckoo can sing was finally done. 12:30 in the morning was my wake up call. Standing up to see only scattered bedsheets, scattered chemistry notes, hearing the cries of those pillows which have been consumed (rather torn apart) the last night because a senseless school going child could not learn Chemistry. Rather, Just waking up from slumber to seek darkness again.

It is already evening, and the part of my brain that could understand Chemistry is just unexploited. But such is the nice ascent of the evening that this brain seems to fend me off from those white stroked lines and putting me into sleep again. Now my mind turns mild. The energy seems to whisper out in my budding sleep snoars. My pen is now so hysterical that it moves without directions. My handwriting turns wicked. And now, only the fading cries of the outside world could be competed to notice as I fall in sleep.

Good Night,

Siddharth Soni

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  1. Harsh says:

    Hehe.. That is what happens when it is too confused all over. Nothing could be seen and the wickedness as u spoke about… This is what generally happens when you don’t know a word of exam that u to give next day..
    Perfect Blog !!


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