Wednesday 1st April 2018

by Siddharth Soni

The earth was always a wonderful place. Starting from the days of unripe intellect, when the dinosaurs and other primitives first landed, till today when the flock of a trillion children wants to massacre their own mother. Human beings have been one of the grandest traumas, ever seen by the Earth. We have started with plucking the fruit which we were told not to eat, and ended up in disasters causing thousands of death. All due to small and big causes ranging from assassinations to WTC attacks. From Bhopal Gas Tragedy till burning the forest alive.

I had a dream last night. Only few people have it. Those, who were considered as a potent revolutionist and brothers to earth by the mighty. I saw in my dream, that earth was ruthlessly destroyed, and a lone human being (because all others were destroyed with the earth) was found praying at the mother earth in a rather defenseless way. He was found saying that he has understood his sins, and now wants an opportunity to correct it. But the earth, my dear old chap !! is not as weak as a fish in the barrel. It is the giant monopoly to revenge. The man says:

Pardon me for the blood that lashed upon your face,
For the tousle deeds beyond the pale,
I seek refuge here, the ocean of the wrathful earth,
Now save me from the tempest whale,

Pardon me for the pain caused upon your log,
For my axe that cut your feet,
I seek refuge here under the poor pine,
Now save me from the ravens’ fleet,

Pardon me for the cry of the hunted lion,
For plunging him into the boiling barrel,
I seek refuge under the wildly gardens,
Now save me from the lion’s peril

Pardon me for the ruins of the burnt forest,
For the nascent flames that Ive put under,
I seek refuge here under the lonely shrub,
Now save me from the angry thunder,

O’ Pardon me for all my deeds,
That sting again in the nature’s chest,
Now kill the hunters, kill the poachers,
Forsake the beauty of the rest

Siddharth Raj Soni

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7 Responses to “The Beauty of the Rest”

  1. javagame says:

    Very goood!!!

  2. cialis says:

    Great topic. Now i can say thank you

  3. rr says:

    It is the coolest site,keep so!

  4. milo says:

    AEWSOME SD!!!! even with you simplicity you write poems with so simple a meaning. its deep n meaningful and very simple.
    i love your poems!!

  5. sepFreply says:

    Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)

  6. saurabh says:

    Brilliant sir,
    Your writings are very good. I like the poem. There Was a constan rhykmin mantained in that poem. I Also like the, ‘Fish in the barrel’ phrase.

    You have a great talent. I believe that you will come up in the future as a rewarding journalist.


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