Sunday 3rd May 2018

by Siddharth Soni

It was abandoned light of the evening and the partly dipped circumference of the sun was setting deep behind a small hillside near my house. I was in the old, wrecked balcony and the sounds of the evening premises could easily be distinguished. This would start with the utterly incidental impact sound caused due to the shattering of window pane, ensued by the yell of desperation by few cricket-playing children in the park. Ones that wear non-branded half pants and are left with underdone remarks of village boys. The distant construction of the road had meanwhile halted and other sounds, probably that of the dog’s barking, cycle-ringing and old aunties meeting with each other could be heard. Sometimes between them, the sound of the screech of my poorly crafted door would be heard and a small head (my brother’s) would peep in to check if I had done all my observations to play UNO with him.

I was not sad, just too over-occupied that I sat on my dusty stool and the bouquet of leather from the worn-out Tyre of my bicycle twizzled in the air. The door sang its high-pitched, old sound again and I stood up in defiance. It wasn’t my little brother anymore, that was the old swiss-capped postman with a paperbag in hands. The unmanageable documents in his hands fluttered endlessly as he stuffs them under his cheek to hand over the 562.44 gram paperbag in my hands. Bold letters saying ‘Brilliant-Tutorials’ were written on it and I threw it hard on the corner of my room.

“The courier was for you” said the postman hesitatingly. “Please sign here… and here… and here” and I kept signing it until he gave me a surprising look.

“What?” the insolence in my throat poured down.

“Everyone, that I delivered this courier to was excited” he said as his words paused in interviewance. “And there is the damage” he pointed at the brutally treated guest of the evening.

Who would, particularly one whose life is so ‘Fabulous’ with ‘Science’ would love that module of JEE prepartion. A flush of trepidation ran through my body as the evening sun, that was initially partly dipped disappeared and the sounds of evening monkeys outside faded with ‘Bye’ and ’see you’ statements. I wondered with concise philosophy, what to do next as the electricity cut-off resumed and street lights started out with the much awaited mosquitoes running outside and kissing street bulbs in their love to peculiar standards.

F-Centred in Science Stream,

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