Thursday 7th May 2018

by Siddharth Soni

This world can never be void of bizarre writers and poets, ones that have left millions of mouth open in amazement and hats off’d with admiration. One among such, rather silent but vibrant souls where silent is for the silent pretext and vibrant is for the vibrant being is Rabindranath Tagore, whose birthday we are celebrating today. This particular blog post, when few of them could portend to the meanest of incidents, will unhinderedly be left fluttering for episodes of wisdom and fraternity that Rabindranath Tagore has bestowed upon the small world. Small would terribly satisy because being smaller is in the height of his skills. Most of the contemporary poets today, writes pitiably for the succulent reads. Which isn’t the true spirit of writing poetry. Nobody among them, might ever have thought about ‘the endless worlds in which children play’ or ‘the smell of shiuli flowers to the daylight.‘ More concerned about the minimal, yet breathtaking comparisons and juxtapositions, Tagore shall always, including thousands of years later, be remembered as the ‘long-beard poet that had made millions inhale a lung full of brilliance.’

Kabuliwala is perhaps one among the finest fictional images of the world, which pretty well endures Sherlock Holmes and sleuths of crimes and thrills. Starting from vivid imagery of his childhood, sometimes broken for the invasion of feebleness, till the outlasting shines of ‘Gitanjali’, Tagore had redefined poetry by not the figure of language, but that of the ‘human-being’ inside it.

For every modern poet that would ever take up a pen to write, this man had to come and sit serenely inside you for starting. Not just for his accomplishment being the grandest of stages that literature can impart but because of his simplicity, authors-being and genuineness. Why else would me, and other committed poets of this world would put his obsessions in the surroundings. Or why else, the international communications giant – Google would be seen in this dedicated way (Rabindranath Tagore) !!

Love as always,
Siddharth Raj Soni

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