Tuesday 27th January 2018

by Siddharth Soni

Receding back from time, of perhaps thinking what my pen would be feeling, its cap open, it is longing to write but my brain has too less the knowledge to fulfill its desires. Wearing the same old bottle green blazer, was I sitting quite peacefuly amid my classmates. More than an hour has passed and the questions that flashed one after the another, were all failing to induce into me a zeal again. Whatever I knew was, naively, sometimes to be thought, dumped into a piece of garbage. Chemistry Exam was going and the scenes around me were that of impatience (for those that knew all the answers) and void (for those that knew some) and even trauma (for those that didn’t knew anything). Scenes were that of pursuit (for an opportunity to cheat), of embarrasment (those that have been caught doing so) and of mortified smiles (When students stare at each other)…

‘No. 14, no. 14′ came a whispering warble. The whisper contained a nub of desperateness, for my batchmate that sat against me was seeking his eyes section after section. Impactfully, speaking and then turning afront, freezing in the cleverest of the positions one could and shadowing that the invigilator had noticed. I grew up the same thumb, with that adroit communication that I passed. I did not knew the answer. ‘Would you tell me 18′… Then 22, 23, and on. I did have answer to none of them. Feeling remorseful than ever, trying to recuperate from my own trauma, the time did not wait and then warning bell hit my ears in the most brutal a way, a noise can be sensed. Beating my head on the table, I gave up my endeavor coming out with a blank face of denial when somebody asked me about the exam.

Now, I am sitting inside this small room, my hands tussling to write. My pen seems to be too angry. So are my parents. Only wickedness meet my mental temperament and I lay myself down in yet another disappointment. ‘Better luck next time’ were fortunately, the only words that are worth been reminisced in future. Thanks to that jovial cluster of girls (Abhishree, Darshana, Anshika, Nancy) that often do cheer me up as I count my lonely footsteps to straddle the smallest bus of the school (No.28)

Armoring the lone candle of hope,

Siddharth Soni

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  1. Harsh says:

    Mayne.. I knew it, your previous blog told all these things.. It did foretell what would have happened. The same happened..

    Bdw, who are these girls.

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