Friday 30th January 2018

by Siddharth Soni

Just as I sit on my sturdy, rough-hewn cane chair with only one prickly side hanging beneath. All decorated with the mistaken splashes of my poster colours, somewhere blue, or red, or black.. My brain seems to get the sense of me sitting on my painting stool, staring involvedly, thinking of what to scribble. Suddenly, when a glittering smile of desirability, of those perfect strokes of sneers, of confidence and of elegance fell to my mind. I thought of drawing Deepika Padukone, her so faultlessly settled teeth, her scenic eyes and a substance of acceptance to everything that often is observed. I sit back, stood off from my painting stool, gazing at the whiteboard as I trace her female figure by tenderly and protectively moving my fingers in the air.

After an hour of thinking, what exactly should I draw, I thought of restricting it to pencil sketch. Precisely, fashioning a locus of her breasts till her euphoric curvature of forehead, I found a barely visible stroke of a 2B pencil. ‘Does it look like her ?’ I asked myself, as I often do when I am drawing. Tilting the canvas back and forth, left and right I confirm my first step and loose myself in the unsustainable grip of art.

After four hours, through which my mind has got too used of seeing white everywhere, restoring my mind to a practical environment- I gaze anxiously at the resultant impression. It looked so flawless that I thenceforth decide not to put water colors and continue it with pencils. A little bit of charcoal, ink strokes and an imprint finish given with board chalk mad

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Siddharth Soni

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