Saturday 31st January 2018

by Siddharth Soni

Long established culture, is now perhaps viewing the last phase of its existence. It is startling that people, most often tend to observe that English Writers have no sentiments with Hindi Literature, even when some bizarre writers like Tagore have contributed equally to English, Hindi, and Bengali. I am not a very profound Bengali writer, but yes Hindi was always my passion. Already been through literary awards in Udaipur for my poems in Hindi… It is awkward to realize that people know me most by an English poet, rather than a painter or a Hindi lyricist. It is, however their direction of insight – I am a bystander and would just love to be prized as they want me to.

Being graceful and stout after three hours of badminton with pa, I take up a Hindi Newspaper and rush through the petite words written all through. Disappointingly, the words are beautiful but they are often spoken in protest, in upheaval, or in a debauched way. I have, always been mistaken as a protest-ful or a revolutionary writer than I am actually not as painful. Clearing the same, accompanied by that small, trivial desire to write a short Hindi art. I wrote one, spreading myself in the sofa, one of my legs hanging outside and whirling as I write this titled; “मेरा खोया व्यक्तित्व”

चंचल सा मन था यह, जो अचानक कठोर हो उठा,
बालवत यह व्यक्तित्त्व क्यूँ क्रूर हो चला,
महत्त्व था जो, इस मन की पृष्ठभूमि पर न लिखा था,
जीवन यह मेरा, हाँ समस्वर बन चला,

उस रात्रि के अन्धकार को न पुछा था किसी ने,
फिर भी न जाने क्यूँ वह व्यहवार में आ बसा,
महत्त्व था जो, इस मन की पृष्ठभूमि पर न लिखा था,
जीवन यह मेरा, हाँ समस्वर बन चला,

गृहातुर बन बैठा था मैं, यादों में छिप कर मुस्कुरा जाता था,
खीजती रह जब हंसती वह स्मृतियाँ, आंसुओं में भर जाता था,
कभी कभी, अपराधों को अपने स्मरण कर मैं,
ख़ुद को, खुदा को धिक्कारने लग जाता था,

तलाश कर अपनी उत्तेजना को मैं, पश्चाताप व क्षमा ढूँढने लगा,
रहमत तो मुझे मिलती नहीं, बस हंस कर लांग चला,
जीवन ने, जो नीरस था मेरा, मुझे फसीं में ला दिया,
अब हादसों ने सजा सजा कर, मुझे हसीन बना दिया |

आपका प्रिय,
सिद्धार्थ सोनी

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