Wednesday 4th February 2018

by Siddharth Soni

After a long period of time, I take up my brush. Sitting thought struck and conscious, I gaze at yet another canvas. Hung so perfectly inside the wood-polished borders was my canvas inclining so effortlessly on thin, skeletal legs of my whiteboard. There was that customary start to the holidays as I wake up, bleary eyed at 11:30 in the morning. It was, however so bright outside that I have unfortunately missed that nostalgic, street light-fed darkness of the morning. Only sometimes made affectionate with occurrences of rain.

The day has been fairly monotonous for me. Only a little bit of badminton, considering that I was painting the entire evening. There was something, so profoundly attached with my painting this time. It was not the same, momentous affection to a girl, nor was it an upshot of a temporary nostalgia towards Deepika Padukone. Abhishree, a sweet girl in my school, only sometimes surprising everyone with problematic and fierce replies. ‘Why the hell would I tell him, or why he will eat your brain’ she said in a short, yet demanding SMS this afternoon. So stuck with that arduous remark, I thought to normalize: ‘Sry gussa mat karo..! (name) will just put it in the blank space between me and (name)! Othawise no grudges, you are really a very sweet hitler! Peace’ as I whew, aspiring, infact expecting an equally sweet message back. She said, a little late- ‘Wat? Arre yar mujhe Hitler bana diya’

Although the letters had no punctuation to tell whether it was arduous or sweet. It was when, I started reading it in her tone that it seemed adorable.

It was now an exigent task to put those rapid changes of gestures into a non-motile, rather torpid piece of white paper. Let us see.. Sketch would take around two or three days.



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