Thursday 5th February 2018

by Siddharth Soni

The world, as I have always spoken is wonderful. No heaven, or sedition to exploit it, whatsoever, I believe has ever ravaged, or may ravage the sensation of living on earth. I often do get amazed as ever, if I am traveling on a cruise, sailing soothingly on waters, or even when I am flying in air, sitting serenely inside the thoughtfully designed airplane interiors as only, sometimes as often air hostesses would come and distract me by pulling my attention, from looking through that roughly spherical window, contemplating the sun to getting my attention to even more wonderful figures of women.

Now, I am sitting placidly inside a broad Italian armchair, flying in BT-404 till Baghdogra. The world seems to be too wonderful now, and even my ears seemed to have started playing with the thunderous boom of this aircraft. Once again, so formidably, so the same… Now, I am shutting this laptop as my plane would land in around fifteen minutes, with only expecting to feel the inertia of landing, just as I feel this world, Just my world.

Excited about my car,


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