Monday 9th February 2018

by Siddharth Soni

It has now become a qualm for me to confine myself to the old, splintered walls of my art-room when a brand new, visibly sporty, and ‘champagne gold’ covered body of my new car is calling me to drive it. It is so frigid, that just when I would approximately stretch my neck out of my room, looking concealed at my new Hyundai i10, it would appear to blink it’s chubby, human-eyed headlights so nauseatingly, that I would somehow suppress the ripple of temptation inside my viens.

First of all, accept the apology for my absence here for the last three days. I was in Silliguri, shorn of internet and I could not post anything. Now, I sit here back in my old dwelling place, so consecrated that I would hardly make a mistake when I am scribbling on my whiteboard. Thoughts, which keep striking me when I am here inside this arty room are all consensual. I am overwhelmed, mid while sitting inside my car and seducing with different accessories carved inside my wood alike dashboard. I am likewise tensed, waiting for the “Good” Friday of my life, which is assured of coming, to come and wreck havoc on the revel inside my family. This friday would just, redundantly bring to my notice- the unanticipated results of my examinations. Rather upsetting, is the exposure to be thrown out of my school because this year- in my discerning, one-sided hard-work, and disloyal circumstances has become one of the worst, least prized year of my life. Perhaps one among those that I would hardly, ever dare to recollect if not my reading this blog entry in future.

Started with a two month failure, settlement, controversies over the novel, a narrow itineary to admission, all ensued by a more slapdash, careless attitude towards studies- I have brought up a fairly despicable, heartbreaking end to 11th Class. Only expecting to retain my name in DPS, I am thinking about making it big this year, which also happens to be the last, sole year to cherish being ‘a school-going child’.

Sometimes, it distract me when I think that the lone uniform-wearing year, when sometimes- holding hands with the misconceived girlfriend of childhood we walk elatedly on pebbled streets (often spread with dry pine leaves), pretending to read her palms, kissing fondly on her forehead, or smelling her hairs riding your face. Just when smiling mortifiedly, overtaking expertly the line of the morning assembly, Simply when throwing chalk pieces at each other, or putting a slender-end compass beneath the teacher’s chair- just the ineffable innocence of being ‘a school going child’ would soon be washed away in the formative years of life – College days. This nostalgia, is certainly one sign of marking an end to the victory over being a child. The youth will now inherit, from the former years of this gamble called life, from ‘being ragged rampantly by seniors’ till ‘Being a Senior’ – We will start a yet another chapter of life.

The whole thing remains pre-written, the destiny is such a bamboozling sphere, hitherto only memories remain. Everything else is a lie.


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  1. Rakesh says:

    Last quote held too much meanings..!

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