Wednesday 11th February 2018

by Siddharth Soni

Art is nothing but a birthplace of abstract expressionism. It would, in that respect hardly matter if somebody isn’t an expressionist, or has not yet discovered whether he is, or not. Expressions are inherit in every human being from the very birth, some of us discover them while some others fail to encounter the spirit of an artist inside them. Both of them, however are equal in all respects. I have always prized being an admired writer, but for this profession, such an acclaim would not restrict me from meeting road-side slums, or spending time with common people. More I understand the commonness of human house, more I do get stock for writing abstract and intellectual words. People, common to us all – the little pan-wala that sits beneath the old mahogany, the old, aged stargazing women of the dark, early morning, or just the starter attention, put to one customary singing quarter to ten at night. Everything seems consistent, and this arrangement of my life has given me a perspective of ‘Abstract Expressionism.’

Being prized, is fathomably far below than prizing the dynamics of ‘being prized.’ Poorest of all human beings, is similarly the one that understates the value of being rich. Likewise, the richest of all, is the one, that has prized being a poor. Worthwhile, to be mentioned that being poor, or rich is not just being so in the pecuniary sector. But, being poor is to be poor in demeanor, and to be rich is to be rich in understanding the values of all hurdles of life.

After, an edification of a fairly disguised, rather intentionally concealed blend of emotions. I could still not understand that in a fairly ignorant paramilitary campus, bringing a car is showing the world – The richness we bear. It is, nonetheless so tactfully hidden that richness could never bring a car to your door. It is your own will, and your viewpoint to life (Which brings richness in emotions) to understand the value, the human worth of a car.

I question, if it was advisable to break the window of the car, just because an equivalent rank in my campus had not yet managed to bring it. So worthless, so disappointing that sometimes this world appears to have only been understood, identified and appreciated by a wondering, abstract writer like me. Just me !

Still wondering

Siddharth Soni

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