Monday 16th February 2018

by Siddharth Soni

Every time this byzantine life gives me clues about turning more perfect, and more complete, there has to be a fateful episode invading by the rulebook, so wistfully built by the rulers of human dynsaty. A less forlooked aspect of that rulebook is that, there is an equal function of good and bad associated with all human beings. Nowithstanding the happiness, he believes that he advocates. It is sometimes, an occupying thought, often rendered with ruined images of an expertly money-driven businessman craving for a son, or a poor, humble group of families sitting afront a charcoal fire and taking pleasure in ridiculing their own feebleness and hardships. Only one regardable thought that, prosperity or poverty does not make a difference in the sum of pleasures the god has handed on, is by far preserved. A very well bottled words say:

So nigh is grandeur to our dust,
So near is god to man,
When the duty whispers low, ‘thou must’
The youth replied, ‘I can’

Which says so impeccably that, god and human beings are implicit conversationists. All the deeds that we perform are a conversation to god. When we help a blind, inexpert person cross the road. We have, though implicitly spoken a part of our conversation with god, that says, ‘Look, I did good. It is now your turn.’ And then, once again atributed to the unmistakable rulebook of Earth, you reach your office only to be called by your boss to be promoted. This part of the conversation is coming all the way from God’s House, saying, ‘My turn is over, Do more good !’ It is however still surprising, that even when this conversation is clear, open to all, and subtle and transparent, human beings are money-seekers, so ignorant that they seek pleasures in money. Rather than seeking that pleasure in this conversation to God.

Only sometimes driven by a vast expanse of spiritual expertise, I wonder why the world is too ignorant to understand and appreciate being an impercetible conversationist to God. Meanwhile, I reach my computer table to write a yet another addition to this collection of positive know-hows, I complete a small, two day sketch of ‘Evil Eyes’


Siddharth Soni

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