Tuesday 17th February 2018

by Siddharth Soni

The cycle of life moves on. It brings fresh faces and ideas and compulsions. It brings commitment and challenge and hope and fulfillment. And desire. Desire to do better, to improve, to take a stand. To be uncertain and insecure. Afraid and hesitant. Because… When you are all these.. life becomes beautiful. I want to lead a beautiful life, we all do. With respect, admiration and acceptance to all that it throws in our path. When we shall respect and admire what life gives us, we become enlightened and strong. We become a Human Being

This is how, a prized artist would describe the much spoken dynamics of being prized. Life is a wonderful journey. And this testimony is new to none of us. We have lead this life hitherto, in pursuit of destinations. Destinations, which would mean differently to different people. For a businessman, destination would mean, merely getting into financial success. For an artist, it would mean ‘Abstract Expressionism’. Yet, for a slum, it would mean meeting both the ends. Nowithstanding the difference in Destinations. These are equally opaque to all class of human beings. We are accessible to destinations with toil, perseverance and struggles. We have to take ‘the less traveled way’ and move until there is success crashing into us. Bothering least for, conclusions and products, We should nimbly overlook the uncertainty in the outcomes. They are a part of life, rather inescapable.

Into such preparations to travel on the so called ‘wonderful path of life’, we will have an answer to all misdeeds and services, ingenuity and obligation, misfortunes and flukes. To all the rubrics of LIFE, that is so sophisticated that even a wisdom of a Lifetime, would barely prevent you from misjudging the road of life. Between all these spectacles of knowledge about Life, the by-far preserved flicker is

” If Mistakes are committed, it is not us to be held responsible, it is such a sophisticated path of life that forces us to commit mistakes. May be because the rulebook says, ‘Mistakes keep the world going’, If all of us are perfect. There would be no existence of truth, because there would be no existence of lie.”

Now, back from a hilarious evening with friends, from a long journey till Hospital to call on my sick uncle, from a lot of badminton with Honey, and from only headaches under my head. It is finally the chance of a pillow to be under my head…


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    Greatings, http://www.siddharthrajsoni.com – da best. Keep it going!

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