Wednesday 18th February 2018

by Siddharth Soni

What really makes a human, such a critical presence on Earth. Is it the dynamism, emotional sustenance that he has rendered? Or just those mean, tiny, discreet contributions that he has made to mother nature. None of the two, or if there is something other, can satisfy the vital existence of a human being as much as being the part of Earth itself.

When we travel between these gradients and slopes, often called vagaries of Life. When we write, and we listen to the groovy music beats. When we lurk after missing the last bus, back to the country-side, or just when we run behind the long anticipated car coming to the village. We overstep this life so rapidly that only impressions, usually flashing intermittent images of a fleeting life is observed. At yet another hands, from my own experience across thrusts- most often drenched with failures, and prayers – sometimes blessed with good-fortunes, We observe that the time lingers like a long-lasting tortoise replete with sadness. The rulebook said to me, in one untitled dream that I saw most recently;

“We intend to give you opportunities, for you to make them into exhilaration. We have no interest rendering pleasure at the cost of nothing. And like the lesser moments of life, sometimes when we do, the time, full of alacrity shall elapse. You would scarcely notice the intermittent images of your fleeting life.

And before I could ask the glittering, out-glowing face of the rulebook floating in the air, “What when the sad times pass so slowly” – A church bell rang and all spiritual experts, from over the universe like me, standing in the state of grace, between the shimmering walls of the dreamland talked among themselves, “Let’s go back, The morning sun has risen on the Earth.” And the next moment, When the clock said 5:30, I saw my mother holding in her hands, a cup of milk. Laughing at the ignorance of this world, and their inability to understand, and to break into the world of spiritual expertise, I honestly drank my milk, and marked the start to a yet another mysterious day of my life.


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  1. Sid says:

    It is true. Thanks for sharing

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