Friday 20th February 2018

by Siddharth Soni

It was a huge, round structure built with coarse bricks, and grainy cement particles from inside. The sound of the Echo, perhaps the sound of my previous self was suddenly heard and spoke, in a rather indignant manner, “Who cares for this temple, the domain of humanity is restricted. I live in Present, Idols here are gone thing” and ensued images of a small child, wearing a saffron cap and refusing to take out his brand new boots out of the gate of temple, was seen in a spotless glow, which only sometimes, in the narrow spectrum of a beam of radiance rolls up to pass through my eyes. There was no one around, not even for miles. And a rather feeble child, stood provocated beneath the huge viscera of an old 19th century Hindu Temple.

‘Scrooge !’ I thought, as I noticed that those iridescent images was from my own childhood. Seemed like those spirits, showing me the irksome past of my life where I did never send an eye to spirituality, benevolence and holiness. Only the antagonistic brain of my ruined past, walking uninterruptedly on the warpath and looked back never, not for those hundreds of shocked observers that were left unfollowed, only trying to teach a somnabulent, hollow soul. This is strange that we consider ourselves the ruler of earth, we say that it is our realm. We say, ‘The world is awesome’ and we essentially do not posses the skill to judge, appreciate and discover this earth, or the one who rules it.

I have believed that this world is like a dense network, sewn with philosohies and arts. When you choose the path between these stitches, that intersect at nothing. You have taken, ‘the less travelled’ way. But when you are caught up in this web, often marked with failures. Consider that you are ruled, not by yourselves, but by circumstances. Such circumstances, have lead me, from a pigheaded, arrogant child full of attitude, to one among the world’s most prized illustrators of nobelties and emotions. By art, or by words are all equally influential. From one of the most defiant member of the world, life has made me one of the most read spiritual artist. From somebody that could not understand emotions, it has made me a demonstrative teacher. Such a change is priceless !!

There is nothing noble about being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.

Siddharth R Soni

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