Monday 26th January 2018

by Siddharth Soni

It is not a cake-walk to have become the world’s biggest sensation. Barack Obama, the newly elected president of the largest claimer of International standing, has pretty aqequately given his key considerations. I recently had an implicit conversation with Amitabh Bacchan when he spoke that the longest charge of painting a building has been ultimately accomplished. – It took more than 219 years to paint the white house black.

I was in Bokaro, Jharkhand a month back when the jamboree that particularly took place after decalring Obama as the president elect had come to pass. It would be a fairly intractable question if somebody ask that Obama has given his stalwart considerations merely a month after the presidency was put into his palms. His key considerations, particulary the one that formulated Alqaeda’s verdict and the ensuing warning to act against Pakistan, after deliberately considering that Pakistan had put into the terrorist webs rather willfully inside their country was a perceptive thought.

It is far again, an another astonishing fact to realise the nuclear potent Pakistan has held under her arms. The trade of the firepower should critically not be a convincing attempt that Pakistan had put, or is trying to put next to USA. USA is respectfully a world power and my belief is resolute to declare that America, in a nutshell is neither an enemy nor a well-wisher for a country like Pakistan that is inhabiting Alqaeda. The important fact is to realise solely that America is justice and no convincing attempt, with the trade of weapons or with moral relationships, whatsoever might bring a change in the psychology that the world has made against Pakistan.

It does, however not mean that the only left porthole is to place a bomb inside it. Nor do I intend to endorse a war against Pakistan. I just want to make an attempt through this column that is acceptably read by more than 15000 unique readers in a month to realise that peace is not just peaceful existence. It is peaceful coexistence. India shall, at no cost bear Pakistan’s political script behind dwelling Alqaeda and such similar paramilitary organisations inside their country.

And if they still dwell. Pakistan should not call them legal. It should understandably call them trespassers.

With protest,
Siddharth Raj Soni

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